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In addition to the Rockfleet Muni Network page, Rockfleet provides notifications via email and twitter (@rockfleet).

Weekly Newsletter

In addition to up-to-the-minute information on public finance topics available via the Rockfleet Muni Network, Rockfleet also provides a weekly newsletter to issuers, customers, financial advisors, attorneys, and other interested market participants.

Rockfleet Muni Network

Your source for up-to-the-minute information on municipal securities. It’s the perfect blend of web site and social network.

You choose whether to anonymously browse a wealth of information, or become a member to gain access to information made available exclusively to groups you choose to join.

Without becoming a member, anyone can browse current headlines, blogs, forum discussions, special reports, continuing disclosure notices, and industry events. It’s your searchable, centralized source for information on public finance topics.

Discussion Forums

As with other social networks, participants can post a forum topic to obtain feedback directly from other members such as issuers, investors or credit analysts. Do you wish issuers would host roadshows more frequently or provide more access to management? Let them know! Do you have a report you’d like disseminated? Showcase your strengths by starting a forum discussion with either a link to the report or upload the document as an attachment.


Current news items on topics of interest, such as municipal market news, economic news, education, healthcare, housing, municipal bonds funds and ETFs, public power, regulatory, and transportation are aggregated in one place. Let the Rockfleet Muni Network Administrator know if your favorite news source is missing. If it has an RSS feed, we’ll add it.

Additionally, each state has its own news feed page, keeping your current on news in your states of interest.

Special Reports

Avail yourself of reports published by Rockfleet on topics such as bankruptcies and defaults, credit rating agencies, tax credit bonds, Build America Bonds, and more.


Industry events are searchable, e.g., locating events solely in Texas, and may be categorized by sector, such as “public power.” Don’t just browse — market your group’s events by adding them to the calendar.

Preliminary Official Statements

As they are published, a link to preliminary official statements are posted to the Rockfleet Muni Network. For those investors interested in larger transactions only, there is a separate page for transactions $100 million or above.

Continuing Disclosure Notifications

Organized by category for ease of use, links to continuing disclosure notifications are posted here as they become available.


The Rockfleet Muni Network provides a forum for all market participants to join groups of interest, such as “municipal bond funds,” and exchange information in realtime.
The only feature requiring registration (which is complimentary), groups permit discussion forums and comment walls specific to your area of interest, and are not available to be viewed by non-group members. Additionally, RSS feeds specific to the interests of the group may be featured.
Requests to join groups are approved by the Administrator, so if your group is “registered investment advisors,” you can be sure it is limited to just that.*

Security and Privacy

Your email address is never published to the public or other members. Add as much or as little information to your profile as you want and decide who gets to see it – you’re in control. The Rockfleet Muni Network provides strong spam surveillance tools and spammers will be removed as soon as they are identified.


Pursuant to industry regulations, Rockfleet communication is subject to review and approval by a FINRA registered principal. As the sponsor of this network, all communications are therefore subject to surveillance. Members found in violation of securities, anti-trust, or other applicable laws or regulations will be removed from the Rockfleet Muni Network.

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* Please note the Rockfleet Muni Network Administrator has access to groups and all content is subject to surveillance, as described above.

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